17.06.2017 @ Kantine am Berghain, DE-Berlin

8 PM

Not long before Heroines of Sound Festival starts again we are proudly presenting another Heroines Edition.

On June 17th composers and musicians Manami N., Audrey Chen and Christina Ertl Shirley are taking the stage on the second Heroines Edition in 2017 at Kantine am Berghain. Showcasing different styles and languages, each artist will present her new solo work.

Manami N. will premiere the piece Without love, make Heimat (2017), a tribute to Gutai Ongaku (Musique Concrète), and to one of the pioneers of the genre: Toru Takemitsu. In this work, Manami N. combines analog and digital sounds to translate her own musical sense of "Heimat". - manami-n.com

Audrey Chen presents STAG SONG II, a solo for amplified voice. Utilizing her rich arsenal of self taught vocal techniques, she moves through inhuman sound materials akin to analog electronics and granular synthesis, to animal and insect, and continuously touching back and forth between more visceral human expressions. The result is a kind of ephemeral ritual which is in the end, essentially and deeply human. - audreychen.com

PLANTS AND EMPIRE is the project of Christina Ertl-Shirley where sounds - whispers, drones and beats - are produced, received and generated by plants. For concerts she mixes field recordings and plants "life on stage" that are connected to custom-built electronics transforming their sounds. In her new piece Reading? Solanum melongena Christina deals with the all-too-frequent association of plants and secrets and examines what sets plants apart from all other creatures turning them so mysterious.
- c-e-s-c-e-s.tumblr.com


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Heroines of Sound 2017 wird gefördert mit Mitteln der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, dem Musicboard Berlin, dem Adam Mickiewicz Institute (AMI), von impuls neue musik und der inm e.v. Berlin.

Heroines of Sound 2017 is supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Musicboard Berlin, Adam Mickiewicz Institute (AMI), impuls neue musik and inm e.v. Berlin.