Alessandra Eramo

Photo © Pau Rosa

Alessandra Eramo / Zosha di Castri

The Dream Feed

(2021/22, UA)
commissioned by Heroines of Sound and funded by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

Friday 8 July, 2022
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For the Heroines of Sound Festival 2022, sound artist and vocalist Alessandra Eramo creates a performance that references an electronic composition by Zosha Di Castri: During the pandemic, Di Castri developed an electronic composition and invited other musicians (who are also mothers) to improvise a response to her piece. She then assembled the recordings of these improvisations into a unique new composition. With this project, Di Castri also initiated a conversation on the artists’ experiences as both mothers and musicians navigating the seemingly incompatible worlds of professional music and motherhood while at the same time being confronted with personal challenges and profoundly inspiring moments in both worlds. Based on Di Castri’s composition, Alessandra Eramo interprets a new work for voice, word fragments, noise, and text using extended vocal techniques, electronics, field recordings and a tape collage. With her observations on reconciling time and productivity – in the sense of giving birth, or of coming into being (with regard to the earth, the plant world, and motherhood) – she explores the potential ambiguity of precarity/fluidity and dissonance/harmony.

Alessandra Eramo (b. 1982 in Taranto, IT) is a sound artist and vocalist who works with performance, installation, text-sound composition, video and drawing, to explore the latent acoustic territories of the human voice and noise as socio-political material. She was trained in classical singing and studied Fine Arts and Performance in Milan, Stuttgart, and Venice. She has performed and exhibited internationally at venues and festivals including the Audiorama Stockholm, Liverpool Biennial, and Venice Biennale. She was Artist in Residence at the Electronic Music Studio (EMS) in Stockholm and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City. She is co-founder of Corvo Records – vinyl & sound art production – and lives in Berlin.

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