Ana Maria Rodriguez

Photo Uwe Walter

Ana Maria Rodriguez

Savia de Bosque

for flute(s), soprano saxophone, trio basso, fixed media & electronics (2022, WP)

Saturday 9 July, 2022
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»Savia de Bosque« (The Power of the Forest) investigates the interrelationships between visual art and the sonic elements associated with the world of graffiti as a collaborative and interdisciplinary project. Models for organizing sensory associations arise from the idea of synesthesia. Thus, the work focuses on the dynamics of the performative and its translation into an audio-visual language. The composition and its title reference a short text taken from graffiti in the city of Lima:

The forest has always been our pharmacy
Since we were little we used plants to heal.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, in our community of Cantagallo we treated ourselves with eucalyptus and matico.
We share our heritage in wall paintings in order to heal and offer resistance.
Shipibo Konibo

The text refers to the traditions of a region and turns them into a domain of the present. This preservation of tradition and ancestral craftsmanship is elemental for the culture of memory.

Ana Maria Rodriguez is a composer that links the spontaneity of improvisation with fully composed scores. She studied composition, piano, history, and philosophy in Buenos Aires and electronic music as well as algorithmic composition at the Phonos studio in Barcelona. AnA Maria Rodriguez has composed numerous pieces, concert installations, mixed media, or music theater works for a wide range of instruments using live-electronics and computer technology. In 2005 she founded the women-only ensemble ‘Les Femmes Savantes’. Her works have been performed at major festivals throughout Europe and abroad including: Berlin in Lights (Carnegie Hall NYC) and Donaueschinger Musiktage. She lives and works in Berlin.

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