Charlotte Seither

Photo © Julia Baier

Charlotte Seither

Echoes of O’s

for one or more performers or any movable entities (2007) 3.49′

Thursday 7 July, 2022
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»Echoes of O’s« consists of silent gestures / forms of movement that are to be sharply distinguished from one another. The ›fast gestures‹ should be performed fast and intermittently (rhythmically exactly notated, resulting in a musically precise performance), the ›slow gesture‹ refers to slowly flowing movements whose level of intensity and rhythmic sequence are precisely indicated, whereas the ›frozen gesture‹ describes a fixed rhythm of stationary movements. The result is a completely composed, three-part polyphonic silent composition which, in omitting the sonic surface, aspires to be experienced as pure musical form. While the rhythm, dynamics, and form of the piece are precisely defined, the shaping of the concrete gestures and their ›instrumentation‹ are entrusted to the interpreter(s). ›O‹ refers to the sound ›O‹ in its different shades of meaning, where it can assume a constantly new significance depending upon the gestural context.

Charlotte Seither (*1965 in Landau, Germany) studied composition, piano, German language and literature, and musicology in Hanover and Berlin. She obtained a doctorate in philosophy in 1998. Her works have been performed at numerous festivals, including Wien Modern, ISCM World Music Days Tongyeong in South Korea, and the Venice Biennale. She has received numerous prizes and awards, including first prize in the Prague Spring International Music Competition, the Prize of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, and the German Music Authors prize. She was also awarded a fellowship by the German Ministry of Culture for a one-year stay at the Villa Massimo, the German Academy in Rome. She is a member of the GEMA Supervisory Board and the European Academy of Arts and Sciences in Salzburg.

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