Claudia Sofía Alvarez

Claudia Sofía Alvarez

Collective distortion

soprano saxophone, contrabass clarinet, viola, cello, double bass, female voice and electronics (2022, WP)

Saturday 9 July, 2022
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Inspired by four graffiti from Lima and Berlin with powerful messages such as »Less censorship, more memory«, »Berlin against borders« and »Peru, wake up«, »Collective Distortion« addresses the social constrictions that force us, from a very young age, to be silent, to submit and to forget. Such forces lead to a distortion of our perception of reality and ultimately to a collective amnesia, with the collective memory being manipulated in favor of temporary interests. Thus, the piece begins with an evocative atmosphere that delves into the depths of our collective memory – with a sudden interruption as through censorship and curbs on individual freedom. It concludes with a kind of ›collective awakening‹ to allow for the revival of memory and social consciousness.

Claudia Sofía Alvarez is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in music composition at the National University of Music in Peru. Her latest works have been performed at the 2022 Women Composers Festival of Hartford (US), 2021 International Young Composers Academy in Ticino (CH) and Ictus Ensemble’s 2021-22 season (BEL). Her music has been released on albums including ABLAZE Records Pierrot Ensemble Series Vol. 4 and TIERRA: Acousmatic Works of Women Composers of the UNM.

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