Isa Otoya

Isa Otoya


ceramic flutes, viola, cello, double bass, female voice and electronics (2022, WP)

Saturday 9 July, 2022
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»AMARAS« deals with the psychological and introspective process that we are all living through since the pandemic, independent of our nationality. As a result of the pandemic and lockdown, society had the opportunity to understand itself in its global entirety and not just as isolated single nations. This encouraged not only cooperation between different societies but also promoted a mutual exchange of what is truly important. Whether coming from Germany or Peru, what is important is to look inside oneself in order to be able to see others.

Isa Otoya is a Peruvian composer, songwriter, and music producer and a founding member of RETAMA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music composition from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). She has composed soundtracks for documentaries, short films, and multidisciplinary artist projects. Alongside this, she is developing her career as a singer-songwriter and musical producer. In July 2021, she released her first conceptual solo album »De un acorde«.

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