Monique Jean

Photo © Civitalla Ranieri

Monique Jean

A Farewell to S.O.S.

2-channel fixed medium (1998/99) 9.20′

Friday 8 July, 2022
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»A Farewell to S.O.S.« is a movement from the work »Figures du temps« [Figures of Time].

Figures du temps What to do with the real? How to create an aesthetic space that rejects amnesia? Crossroads and collisions of individual events and of public events. A suite that attempts to deal with »the individual human life, small, poor, defenseless but magnificent« as Tadeusz Kantor said. »It is only in this human life that truth, sanctity and grandeur are maintained today. We must save them from destruction and oblivion. Save them from all the powers of this world.« Media flow, poetry/resistance, disappearance of Morse code: February 1999. [English translation from French: Sean Ferguson, Traçantes]

Monique Jean (*1960) studied electroacoustic composition at the Université de Montréal with Francis Dhomont. In addition to her acousmatic compositions, her work is also regularly associated with video and experimental films, with dance and with installations. She is interested in the tensions, fractures and shocks of sound materials in order to achieve a transmutation of the real into the poetic. Finalist in several international competitions, including Ciber@rt Valencia, Spain, Musica Nova in Prague, Czech Republic and the Electroacoustic Music Competition in Bourges, France, her works are regularly performed and broadcast during numerous international concerts and festivals. Monique Jean lives and works in Montreal.

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