Naid Cruz

Naid Cruz

Devil Curve

cello and electronics (2022, WP)

Saturday 9 July, 2022
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»Devil Curve« refers to three graffiti that grapple with the ›Baguazo‹ conflict of 2009 in Peru. This confrontation between the police and the indiginous populace who defended the Amazon jungle, resulted in many deaths and injuries. The work focuses in particular on the story of how unemployment was experienced during this period.

Rosa Naid Cruz is currently studying composition with professor Jose Sosaya at the National Music University in Peru. Her works have been premiered both inside and outside the country, including at Synapse II “Concert for the Premiere of Works by Composition Students” 2019, Meeting Between Composers and Interpreters, organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of La Plata (ARG), and PumPum Yachkan (2021) organized by Asimtria.

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