Roxanne Turcotte

Roxanne Turcotte

Zone d’exclusion / Fukushima

shakuhachi, fixed medium (2013), 4.34′

Friday 8 July, 2022
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Fukushima, March 11, 2011: earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster… Still unstable to this day. An unpredicted wave over history. Lives wasted by earth that shook until it made the irreparable aspect of human stupidity leak out. A country devastated by the catastrophe. We and our seas are condemned by nuclear power. The desolation and nightmare are at our doors. Soon, we will be excluded from the radioactive zone, our planet. What percentage of the planet will eventually be included in the damned territories, the exclusion zone? Harmonics emerge from the main tone (shakuhachi), and then fly around, randomly pushed by the nightmare, eventually leaving only a few recurring notes mixed in with the resounding disaster. Muted music comes to haunt us with memories of raw earth. The only thing we can catch is the sound of angels. A beat-driven tune created by loops of 58 // Freitag 8. Juli Freitag 8. JuIi // 59 shakuhachi micro-samples and bass frequency sounds become a call to death, anguish, and disorder, before they get slowly deconstructed. That is humanity’s destiny! [English translation from French: François Couture]

Roxanne Turcotte (b. 1960 in Montréal, Canada) is a composer, keyboardist and sound designer. She has built her aesthetics around a playful and cinema-like art of integration, often with a socio-political flavor, tinged with poetry and humor. After studying piano and composition at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, Roxanne Turcotte graduated as the first woman of her generation in the electroacoustic composition program at the Université de Montréal in 1988. Her music has won numerous awards and distinctions including most recently the Prix Jan V. Matejcek pour la nouvelle musique classique (SOCAN) or the Concours international de musique électroacoustique et d’art sonore de Bourges, France. She is asked to sit on composition juries, and she has been active in the Quebec and European avant-garde community for years.

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