Karen Power

Photo © John Godfrey

Karen Power

… we return to ground …
with Mary Nunan (dance) and Atoosa Pour Hosseini (video) 
for field recordings, dance, video, quad sound plus clarinet/bass clarinet, trombone, electric guitar with electronics, violoncello , double bass, water bowls with propellors, sand and stones (2022, GP)

Thursday 12 July, 2024
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Karen Power’s compositions utilize two primary sources: acoustic instruments and everyday sounds, spaces, and soundscapes. Her works are experienced as concert music, sound art, expanded instruments, real and imaginary sonic environments, and as multi-sensory moments. She is an active improviser, who specializes in using environmental and everyday sounds/places as catalysts for constructing new sonic spaces. She performs as both a soloist and as ensemble member with notable artists such as David Toop, Mazen Kerbaj, and others. She is a former DAAD scholarship holder of the Berlin Artist Program. In 2017, Karen Power became chair of Sounding the Feminists, a collective seeking equality in music across Ireland. 


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