12. Juli 2024 // 15.00–18.00 // Kubus

Pulsatile Presences: Improvising with radio bodies and somatic rhythms

Language: englisch/spanisch 
With Florencia Curci and Tatiana Heuman 
10/max. 12 Participants
Admission: 6 € / Free for Holder of Day Ticket or Festival Pass

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In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore embodied listening practices focused on creating awareness of the different rhythms in their bodies and the environment. This will be the gateway to creating situated FM radio transmissions that encourage spontaneous composition and improvisation. 
FM Radios can catch interference patterns and radio signals, the percussive elements will react with rhythmic clicks, crackles and beats. The resulting ambient soundscape will be a rich tapestry of organic and electronic tones, inviting a mindful listening practice.
Our playground will be in indoor and outdoor spaces, improvising small sound installations and radio choreographies. Participants will collaborate on composing an ever-evolving, site-specific piece by adjusting the radios’ contents, tunings, volumes and locations. We’ll explore how the architecture and environment shape the sound, crystallizing the essence of barely perceptible, arrhythmic percussive murmurs interfering and bleeding across a listening terrain.
Everybody is welcome: It doesn’t matter if you have advanced skills in sound practice or just want to play and explore with sounds. Let’s make a collective space to experiment and explore without judging. Let’s learn from each other. 
FLINTA* participants are especially encouraged to come.
Optional: You can bring a small sound object that you like to make rhythms and/or your radio.

Florencia Curci and Tatiana Heuman began their sonic journey as drummers in the underground of experimental music in Buenos Aires Argentina; they met improvising, playing and hitting drumheads and objects in their respective bands COSO and Ricarda Cometa. They have come together multiple times to work in different constellations such as the transfeminist sound platform #VIVAS and the current project Siestaria, dedicated to navigating crisis through rest, caring and listening to dreams. Tatiana and Florencia have worked together in HKW (DE), CASo (AR), and Festival Tsonami (CL) among others. Florencia Curci is a sound & radio artist and curator. Her work focuses on noise and rhythms as relative concepts that can configure perception, communication and subjectivity. Tatiana Heuman works in the fields of sound, movement, and media arts. Her current interests are constructing and maintaining spaces for the exchange of narratives and rituals that favor presence, care, and the formation of bonds.