Thursday July 11, 2024

17.00-24.00 / Studio 1 

Sound and film bar 
Heroines of Sound Selection 2024

(daily July 11 – 13 17.00-24:00) 
Katalin Ladik – Video Art 
Katalin Ladik: Opus (1972) 
Katalin Ladik: Poemim (1980)
Camera: Bogdanka Poznanović

Sound Cage: A Portrait of Katalin Ladik by Kornél Szilágyi (Igor Buharov), 2015 

18.00 / Studio 2 

Activists in the female/non-binary music scene: lone fighters or networked and co-operative? 
Florencia Curci, Tatiana Heuman, Lenka Kocisova, Eugenia Seriakov aka Cate Hops and Stellan Veloce 
Moderation: Kat Ott-Alavi (musicwomen Germany) 

20.00 / Halle

Katharina Ernst – Polyrhythmic Focus
percussion solo (2024)

Farida Amadou – the end
electric bass solo (2024)

21.30 / Saal 

Ensemble Kompopolex

Marta Śniady – Body X Ultra
for three performers, objects, and audio playback (2023, GP) 

Greta Eacott – The Hug
(2024, WP)
commissioned by Heroines of Sound

Sophie Meyer – Bubble Honeycomb [Coral]
(2024, GP)

Stellan Veloce – Mondo Manifest-o
(2024, GP)
commissioned by Ensemble Kompopolex and Heroines of Sound
With the friendly support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

Kelley Sheehan –  Inefficient Sky
(2024, GP)
Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University

Monika Dalach Sayers – Carbon is the new black
for 3 MIDI-Controllers, audio-playback and video (2020, GP) 

Ensemble Kompopolex
Aleksandra Gołaj, percussion | Rafał Łuc, accordion | Jacek Sotomski, computer | Łukasz Myszyński, sound engineer