Marta Śniady

Photo © Bartek Sadowski

Marta Śniady

Body X Ultra
for three performers, objects, and audio playback (2023, GP) 

Thursday 11 July, 2024
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Marta Śniady (born in Pabianice, Poland) studied composition with Bronisław Kazimierz Przybylski at the Łódź Music Academy. Her works create multi-layered references and connections, at times involving other art forms. The composer perceives new music as an important medium for social communication. Her works have been performed at a number of international contemporary music festivals such as Warsaw Autumn, Pulsar Festival, and KLANG Festival. She has been a board member of the Warsaw Autumn Music Festival since 2017. After completing a postgraduate diploma at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg (2019), she completed her doctorate at the Music Academy in Łódź, where she has taught since 2015. Marta Śniady lives in Łódź and Wroclaw.

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