Laura Robles

Photo © Ulla Binder

Laura Robles

percussion /electric bass
Julia Mihály
Teresa Riemann

Saturday 13 July, 2024
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Laura Robles (born 1981, Eswatini in Africa) is a composer and percussionist who was raised in Lima, Peru where she had access to the rich Afro-Peruvian musical tradition at a young age. She is widely regarded as an important player of the cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument considered to be originally developed by slaves from West Africa. Robles founded several bands, including El Astrocombo and Stretch it to The Limit, as well as the social education initiative Parió Paula. In addition, she performs with theater and dance companies as well as with renowned folklore, jazz and rock musicians both in Peru and at international festivals. In 2012 she moved to Berlin and founded the Berlin version of her Astrocombo Band, which won the Studio Prize of the City of Berlin in 2014

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