Quiet Music Ensemble

Photo © Tomasz Madajczak

Quiet Music Ensemble

John Godfrey, electric guitar
Seán Mac Erlaine, clarinets/saxophone
Roddy O’Keefe, trombone
Ilse De Ziah, violoncello
Dan Bodwell, double bass
Alexis Nealon, sound

Friday 12 July, 2024
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Quiet Music Ensemble was founded in 2009 and is based in Ireland. It is dedicated to improvised and experimental music with a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary co-creation. QME’s music is still, poised, filigree, with the silence of rapt attention and a deep respect for the sonic environment of our world; it is about sound woven amongst the multiplicity of human senses and the abundant inner creativity it inspires. Through in-the-moment interaction with environmental sound and field recordings, visual arts, dance, live electronics, and philosophical thought, QME creates living soundscapes that are »delicately ambiguous, and entirely compelling« (Journal of Music, 2023). QME has performed at festivals such as Quiet Music Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, and Deep Minimalism Festival, UK, at the Interpretations series (Roulette, New York), and on Other Minds (San Francisco).


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