Swantje Lichtenstein

Photo © Frederike Wetzels

Swantje Lichtenstein

Sounds of Undead Words
for voice, electronics and video (2023)

Friday 12 July, 2024
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Swantje Lichtenstein works as a performance artist, musician, and poet. Her sonic work investigates the ties of language and music in a mode that is trans-artistic, and improvised as well as conceptualized and composed. The work is based on deconstructed voices, channeling of sounds, and opening up atmospheric, healing spaces of connection. After studying philosophy, literature, and sociology, she completed her doctorate on poetological, performative poetry in Cologne. She was a scholarship holder of the Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation and has received numerous awards, including the Artist Scholarship of the City of Cologne in 2011. She has been a professor at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences since 2007.


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