Black Page Orchestra

Photo © Igor Ripak

Black Page Orchestra

Alessandro Baticci, flutes
Florian Fennes, saxophone
Alfredo Ovalles, violin
Irene Frank, Leo Morello, cello
Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, double-bass
Mathias Kranebitter, electronics

Thursday 6 July, 2023
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Black Page Orchestra, founded in Vienna in 2014, is an ensemble for radical and uncompromising music of our time. The name derives from Frank Zappa’s composition »The Black Page«, the score of which, due to the high density of notes and musical events, results in an almost completely black piece of paper. Alongside this aesthetic language the ensemble focuses on works using electronics, video and various new technologies in an artistic context as well as compositions with a performative character that reach far beyond a conventional classical concert situation. Experimental and multifaceted programming is a fundamental concern of the collective. Their repertoire includes works by Peter Ablinger, Alessandro Baticci and Sara Glojnarić. The ensemble has performed at festivals such as Ultraschall Berlin, Wien Modern and Warsaw Autumn.

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