Photo © Astrid Ackermann


gravity dreams iii (orbiting)  

Adrian Pereyra, Ruben Mattia Santorsa – electric guitars and live electronics

Sunday 9 July, 2023
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Founded in Munich in 2020, guitarduo:santorsa~pereyra sees itself as a »band for contemporary music«, and has played concerts throughout Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. The duo involves electronic and acoustic instruments and is characterized by a particularly unique and innovative sound. A central focus in their work is placed on close collaboration with composers of the youngest generation who are distinguished by the broad spectrum in their works. Both musicians are specialists in the field of contemporary music and are also very familiar with electronic music and improvisation. guitarduo:santorsa~pereyra was awarded a grant from the city of Munich in 2020 for the project »so nah ~ so fern«.

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