Maya  Shenfeld

Photo © Tobias Zielony

Maya  Shenfeld


electric guitar, live electronics (2023, WP)
commissioned by Heroines of Sound

Sunday 9 July, 2023
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Maya Shenfeld is a Jerusalem-born composer and musician. In her practice, she explores the intersection between modes of musical production used in popular, electronic, and experimental music. Her work encompasses electroacoustic compositions, sound installations, and orchestral pieces, as well as pieces for classical guitar and solo live electronic sets. Shenfeld is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Berlin University of the Arts, where she completed an MA in classical guitar and contemporary music composition. She has presented commissioned work internationally, including performances at Frequenz Festival in Kiel, Loop Festival in Los Angeles and Berlin, and Northwestern University in Chicago. She is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships from institutions including GEMA, the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, and the DAAD. She lives in Berlin.

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