Rojin Sharafi

Photo © Hessam Samavatian

Rojin Sharafi

Ask my Ash

for saxophone, violoncello, percussion and electronics (2017)

Thursday 6 July, 2023
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Rojin Sharafi is a sound artist, performer and composer of acoustic and electronic music that freely crosses the borders between genres. She creates entirely unique musical textures through the use of analog, acoustic and augmented instruments, as well as with digital tools of her own design. Sharafi has worked with a wide range of collaborators and taken part in numerous co-productions in film and dance. Her work has been presented at festivals and venues throughout the world. She is a SHAPE 2020 artist and recipient of the 2018 Austrian Women Composers prize. Rojin Sharafi is currently pursuing her masters in sound engineering and composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna where she is intensively engaged with digital music performance.

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