Stefanie Egedy

Stefanie Egedy

After Conflict

for contrabass clarinet, contrabass, live electronics and sub-bass frequencies (2023, WP)
commissioned by Heroines of Sound

Saturday 8 July, 2023
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Stefanie Egedy is a composer of conceptual pieces and electronic music, and investigates sound in both installations and live performances. She is focused on researching the potential of low-frequency sound, bodies, and subwoofers— including bass, sub-bass, and infrasound—and their spatial presence. Egedy co-runs the label COISAS QUE MATAM (THINGS THAT KILL), researches light-sound relations with Camille Laurent, and worked with Chris Salter on his latest spatial production. She has worked with and exhibited in Berlin at CTM Festival, Berghain, and KW Institute for Contemporary Art as well as at Harvard University in Massachusetts, Kunstfest in Weimar, and Zentrale in Vienna. Egedy is part of Creative Europe’s SHAPE+ artist roster for 2022-2023.

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