Stepha Schweiger

Photo © Vincent Stefan

Stepha Schweiger

Tree Torn Mind

for contrabass clarinet, electric guitar, violoncello, electronics and video (2023, WP)

Friday 7 July, 2023
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Stepha Schweiger is an avant-garde composer, pianist/keyboardist and singer/songwriter of experimental music. In the 1980s she was active in the New Wave, later in new music. Her music moves between minimal, experimental, industrial, free jazz and song. She studied musicology, philosophy and linguistics in Regensburg, composition at the Berlin University of the Arts with Walter Zimmermann and Gösta Neuwirth. Among other influences, Schweiger’s compositional concept is inspired by spectral music. Her work »ver.blich«, which she created at IRCAM Paris in 2001, was premiered in a new version at the musikprotokoll of the Steirischer Herbst Graz in 2018. Stepha Schweiger performs widely on important concert stages throughout the world and lives in Berlin.

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