Tine Surel Lange

Photo © Tine Surel

Tine Surel Lange


for contrabass clarinet, electric guitar, violoncello, double bass and video (2023)

Friday 7 July, 2023
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Tine Surel Lange is a composer and interdisciplinary artist. Her art takes form as experimental instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, installations, performances, and audiovisual works. Her works, inspired by the northern Norwegian landscape, are always rooted in organic material, questioning the perception of our sound world and how our own expectations form and allow it to be read. Surel Lange’s works have been presented in Europe, North America, and Asia. She has created electroacoustic compositions at institutions such as CCRMA, the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics in the USA and EMS in Sweden. She lives and works in Flakstad, Norway.


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